Being Born Again

Being Born Again

When we are born again, we receive a New Heart with God’s Will in it, but we also must allow Jesus Christ to establish His Father’s Will in our human will in our old heart. Only as we die out to being governed by the old union can we take on the new Union with God’s Will so that it governs our human life. We lay down our will in the pool of Jesus Christ’s Death so that we can come up resurrected in newness of Life, with a new Union with God’s Will.

Beloved, this is a thrilling process, on both the instant and the progressive sides. What an unspeakable shame that so few understand this precious Truth about the death of the old husband, the human will, and the Union with the new Husband, God’s Will through the Heavenly Bridegroom Jesus Christ.

Union with God's Will

Let us keep in mind the importance of the human will. The will is the shaft that passes through the heart or the hub of the wheel of our being, and it directs and guides the entire wheel of our human nature. This is why God is so concerned about man’s will. It is the root of all his problems and the root of all his evil inclinations that lead him into sin.

Therefore, let us strive for perfection, not because it is a sublime condition or an elevated position, but because it unites us with our Creator. Let us seek to do God’s Will so that we can know the Fullness of Christ Jesus.

Excerpt taken from the book Man’s Threefold Nature: His Will by Rev. B. R. Hicks